External Marketing Policy

External Concerts, Publications & Reciprocal Marketing Policy

We  are receiving an ever-increasing number of requests to provide free concert listings on our website, leaflet emailing and other documents for distribution to our donors and supporters.  Similarly, requests to engage in marketing non-LBS promoted one-off Bach concerts, designated series, general festivals and on-going projects are proliferating, so it will be helpful to Promoters to know about our policy.

We only engage in reciprocal marketing when there is a clear benefit to the London Bach Society in terms of profile, impact and presentation that will match the profile, impact and presentation we provide in return.  For their Concerts, Festivals and Series, we suggest that Promoters, including amateur choral societies, would be much better served if they work with the artists, groups and amateur singers who are involved. We have found this to be a much more effective way to sell tickets and has yielded a tangible return.

Similarly, for CD Sales and other commercial ventures any marketing in which we engage must be negotiated on commercial terms.

Concert Listings: Any concerts featured in the bi-monthly editions of e-Bach Notes are either our own, part of a bespoke reciprocal marketing arrangement or hand-picked/researched to reflect the theme of the edition being published. External concert free listings and leaflet emailings are not general services we are able to provide. There are two websites that do provide free or modestly priced listings: –

www.concert-diary.com   www.bachtrack.com  

Ticket/Book/CD Offers: We have wound down our integrated membership. This has been succeeded by Bach Friends, our personal Gift Aid donor scheme. Therefore, we are not able to offer special discounted tickets, Book or CD prices, as part of any reciprocal marketing package.

Data Protection: Enquirers should also note the London Bach Society’s Privacy Policy, which has been updated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)