Bachfest, Events & Historical Articles

Bachfest 2021 will take place 5-9 November 2021, a mix of online and public concerts, to mark 75th anniversary of London Bach Society. Full details coming shortly. MARK THE DATES.

To enhance our public performances and themes, we have some Historical Articles available to download.

From Bach Scholar Michael Marissen

Click here to read Bach scholar Michael Marissen’s latest thought provoking article “The Fourth Gospel and Bach’s St John Passion”. Michael is Daniel Underhill Emeritus Professor of Music at Swarthmore College, in New York.

More articles available to view below….

Throwback Bachfest 2019. Click here to read about Prince Albert, the Prince Consort’s contribution to the 19th century Bach revival here in Britain as delivered by Peter Smaill at 2019 Bachfest event “Victoria & Albert’s 200th”

Throwback Bachfest 2019. Click here to read about William Sterndale Bennett’s English revival of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion as told by his great, great Grandson Barry Sterndale Bennett at 2019 Bachfest event “Victoria & Albert’s 200th” The image above is of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, the Prince Consort in 1854, the year of the English revival of the St. Matthew Passion by William Sterndale Bennett. The Prince Consort attended on 23 March 1858.

Throwback Bachfest 2018 Click here to access an article about the Thirty Years War 1618-1648, and how this affected the Bach Family in 17th and 18th centuries.