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Updated 7 March 2022


The date of the next BachChat date is coming soon This will be the first BachChat gathering of a concert season that will complete and continue our 75th anniversary celebrations not possible last autumn..

If you would like to participate, then email us at . The Zoom link for you to attend will be sent to you just ahead of the date.

We thank all our Bach Friends, donors and supporters for maintaining their support during this challenging period. We thank them for the messages received and the encouragement that accompanies them.

Bach Friends

Our ability to fulfill our charitable purpose depends on the receipt of donations from Bach Friends, individuals and through grants from private and public authorities. So if you would like to support us, please get in touch and donate via Bach Friends link below (or above right)

If you would like to add your name and keep in touch, then email to give your consent or accept our invitation to join Bach Friends

Please note our new email address:

With best wishes

Margaret Steinitz, Artistic Director 

Updated 7 February 2022

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