Bach Club

The 18-30 Bach Club 

COVID-19 . It is with much regret that the 2020 Bach Club concert cannot take place this year. Following Government guidance, we will be back as soon as we can.

What we are creating with the LBS Bach Club.

The Bach Club’s concerts have been some of the best, most exciting, unexpected and successful events in Bachfest over the last 10 years. Thank you to everyone who has taken part, supported the concerts and joined in the fun.

Our Inspiration “Little Paris” was how Leipzig in the economic boom of the early 18th century was known. Coffee houses sprang up forming new social arenas; new fashions and social conventions were formulated, and, with the shift in perspective, a new and exciting platform for the arts was made, meaning NEW MUSIC. New to the town, in his first secular position as Director of Music of Leipzig University Students’ Musical Society (1729-42) J S Bach was already at the forefront of artistic life. In Zimmermann’s coffee house on Leipzig’s fashionable Katharinenstrasse, he headed Friday night meetings – exchanges of new ideas and music – which would eventually immortalise Leipzig’s musical aesthetic and push tonal harmony and form into areas the world had never seen before. For Bach, the concerts provided a change from the formality of his services to the city as a church cheap diflucan musician and his students created an opportunity for him to produce new works and adapt existing ones, performing them with Leipzig’s latest talent. At Zimmermann’s, music by Telemann and Handel was approached with energy, enthusiasm and an attitude of exploration. His famous ‘Coffee Cantata’ received its world première, and the concertos for one, two, three and four harpsichords were among other works played, with Bach, his sons and pupils probably as soloists.

Bach Club for today

The LBS Bach Club aims to create a similar platform for young artists and professional  musicians today. Reflecting the Leipzig students’ Friday gatherings, we aim to create a contemporary forum for 18-30s to come and share ideas, make contacts and appreciate Bach’s music in an informal atmosphere. FREE TICKETS are issued for each meeting, where a mix of special guests from the world of professional music and those at the beginning of their careers will appear on the Bill – a launch pad for some, as well as a showcase for the best in Bach.

Recent Bach Club concerts 

November 2018 – Bach Club at Bachfest. Laura Snowden and Magnard Ensemble, Yeomen in the Musicians Company

November 2019Bach Club at Bachfest. Art of Moog celebrated the Club’s 10th Birthday