Legacies & Bequests

The Ultimate Musical Offering

Putting personal affairs in order before we die is sometimes a daunting prospect. However there is much pleasure to be gained too. Here is an opportunity to provide for the benefit of others in a way that is also a lasting remembrance of you, your generosity and forethought.  The legacies we have received so far have all reflected these sentiments and here we are now, having celebrated our 75th anniversary in November 2021 with a commissioned Bach-inspired motet by Sir James MacMillan, a magnificent landmark. Long term sustainability so that LBS can continue to benefit future generations is a central aim.

After your loved ones have been considered, leaving part of your Estate to charity in the form of a legacy will enable that charity to continue to thrive and provide on-going  benefit to many for years to come.  

We invite you to consider making the London Bach Society (Reg. Charity No 1082788) a beneficiary in your Will. 

Your legacy will enable the LBS, an organisation that is now in its eighth decade serving the community, to deliver top class Bach performances, projects and services that over the years have changed the way we study and perform Bach’s glorious treasury of music in this country. LBS has also helped to make it better known here, creating myriad opportunities for new generations of musicians and composers, nurturing audiences of the future and promoting educational work as part of its remit.

We invite you now to consider helping us to provide a continual flow of enriching opportunities and experiences for the generations to come by leaving a Legacy to the London Bach Society in your Will. Your Solicitor will be able to advise you how to do this and identify any appropriate tax incentives and advantages.

Special Note: We do ask that bequeathing of collections of sheet music, books and scores should be discussed with us first and before enshrining such a gift in your Will as, for reasons of space and our purpose, we simply cannot accept music that has no bearing on what we do.

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