Towards LBS 75th

A Bachfest is being planned from 4-9 November 2021, with a ‘special public concert’ to take place on Tuesday 9th November. To go with recitals and concerts we shall be publishing our Journal online and mailing regular e-Bach Notes to those on our Mail Chimp list..

Watch this space….

We are also updating our website. Check back in a few days to access the pages that have been updated. Happy hols everyone!

Posted on 10 August 2021

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To clarify

London Bach Society is performance driven and in common with all such organisations we have to devote a lot of our time to fund-raising for our concerts, recitals, educational work and other activities. To clarify, we are not a grant-making trust nor are we able to offer financial support in response to the requests received. Click here to access information about our policies.

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Bach Family & Friends series – last few days

Bachlive Logo

We launched our online Bachfest series on Thursday 3 June 2021 at 5.00pm (4pm UTC). These are now paused. Click here for trailers.

Click here for link to Steinitz Bach Players concert dir. Rodolfo Richter, with Rowan Pierce

Click here for Polina Sosnina’s organ recital

Click here for Stephen Farr’s organ recital

Click here for Rautio Piano Trio’s chamber recital

Click here for the Recital Programmes

Click here for the translation of Cantata BWV 204

The Artists

Organists Stephen Farr & Polina Sosnina,

Steinitz Bach Players directed by Rodolfo Richter (pictured above), with Rowan Pierce (pictured above),

Rachel Beckett, Leo Duarte, Sarah Humphreys, Jane Gordon, Anna Curzon, Andrew Skidmore, William Carter, Cecelia Bruggemeyer, James Johnstone, Pawel Siwczak

Rautio Piano Trio (Jane Gordon, Victoria Simonsen and Jan Rautio)

An introductory article about the Bach Family can be accessed here.

To our delight, LBS was awarded a Government Culture Recovery Fund Award in the first round last October and in addition to helping us to continue day by day, the Award has enabled us to create some online performances filmed during March and April this year in St George’s Hanover Square and Kings Place. We are joining other organisations “keeping the show on the road”. The filming and editing work is now finished and we are preparing the ground for their launch on Vimeo. We will market them as widely as possible and all on our lists will be invited to be our audience for a modest sum. A special Zoom BachChat will follow – date to be announced.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in the making of these films from our funders & film makers to the film venues – St George’s Hanover Square and Kings Place – and of course to our wonderful musicians.


London Bach Society at 75

London Bach Society celebrates its 75th anniversary in the autumn 2021, so our online series launched when restrictions are beginning to be lifted one minute and possibly reimposed the next, a valuable prelude.

Why not join us? For as little as £50.00 – £1,000 you can be part of our celebrations. You can join by clicking on the link Bach Friends We look forward to welcoming you.

Our 75th Anniversary series will be spread across the season 2021-2022 as a reflection of our foundation on 7 November 1946 right through to the first recitals on 3 June 1947. Join us by becoming a Bach Friend and help us make things happen. Margaret Steinitz, Artistic Director

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LBS Zoom BachChats


The date of the next BachChat is Wednesday 15 September 2021 at 5.30pm (ends c.7pm). This will be the first BachChat gathering of the new concert season.

If you would like to participate, then email us at . The Zoom link for you to attend will be sent to you just ahead of the date.

We thank all our Bach Friends, donors and supporters for maintaining their support during this challenging period. We thank them for the messages received and the encouragement that accompanies them. Our ability to fulfill our charitable purpose depends on the receipt of donations from Bach Friends and through grants from private and public authorities. So if you would like to support us, please get in touch and donate via Bach Friends link below.

If you would like to add your name and keep in touch, then email to give your consent or accept our invitation to join Bach Friends

Please note our new email address:

With best wishes

Margaret Steinitz, Artistic Director Updated 10 August 2021

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Historical Articles online

Historical Articles have been uploaded on to the Bachfest, Events etc page.

To access click here. Articles include

Throwback Bachfest 2018 The Thirty Years War : Europe’s Coronavirus? 1618-1648

Throwback Bachfest 2019 Historical Papers marking “Victoria & Albert’s 200th”

Bachfest Online theme: Bach: Family and Friends

Updated 12 July 2021

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